November 28, 2023
Austin, Texas, USA

Scrap Car Buyers: How Are Scrap Cars Dismantled And Recycled?

Scrap Cars

They say that auto wrecking companies are the best scrap car buyers. And that’s not only because most of them are paying cash in full, but also because of the convenience that they offer. By selling your car to an auto wrecker, you won’t have to go through the troubles of processing your documents and towing your car to their facility. Pretty much everything is handled by the auto wrecker!

Also, with auto wreckers, you can find out exactly where your scrap car is going or what will happen to it after the sale. After all, wreckers practically operate in the same way. They are in the business of not only collecting but also dismantling and recycling scrap cars.

Wondering How These Scrap Car Buyers Operate? Then Read On: 

Depolluting Your Vehicle Of Chemicals 

Car depollution is a process wherein hazardous chemicals are removed. The first step is to disconnect the engine hoses, wires, and the transmission exhaust system. This way, the wreckers can drain the fuel, coolants, oil, transmission fluids, and all the other chemicals. In most cases, these fluids and oils can be recycled and used in other vehicles. At this stage, the explosive parts like the battery, airbags, and pre-tensioners are also removed.

Dismantling The Engine

Did you know that the engine is one of the most expensive parts of your scrap vehicle? So, if it is still working, then your scrap car buyer will definitely give you a higher offer. Dismantling the engine is easy. It’s just a matter of lifting it up from where it is located in the car. After that, the components are separated into pieces. Engines that are no longer working can be recycled for their aluminium components or sent for shredding so they can be repurposed later on.

Removing Auto Parts 

Many auto parts must be removed before sending the vehicle frame into the shredder. It doesn’t really matter whether the auto parts are still in good condition or not. They must be removed to cut down the time and energy required to break down the scrap metal. But it will be a great thing if the scrap car has many reusable auto parts because that means it will fetch better deals.

Shredding The Car Frame 

After all the mentioned auto parts are removed and all that’s left is the vehicle’s metal frame, the next step will be shredding. This machine is designed to magnetically separate the metal fragments into ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Mixing Of Metals 

Scrap metal recycling involves a variety of processes to be transformed into new metal materials. The scrap is combined with other metals to strengthen their quality. Many of these recycled metals are sent to automobile manufacturers wherein they will be used to create brand-new cars.

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